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Why is it Recommended Professionals Install Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring installation should be left for professionals to install as there are too many moving parts which an amateur will create a big mess. We highly recommend you save some money and time from the get go. Having said that, this is not a baby step by step guide about How to lay parquet flooring on your house? If you truly want to get the best outcome for your home when installing parquet wood flooring, you should only allow a skilled craftsman to set it on your floors. You may find online some people write a 10-Step by Step Guide to setting parquet floor. Such guide would deceive you into thinking an amateur could successfully install a parquet floor, this could certainly turn out pricy as the floor parquet would most likely need to be re-installed.

Under normal circumstances when hiring professional services, most people in their right mind would insist on reviewing prior work samples they have finished, at the very least some personal endorsements of previous clients. Parquet is costly and laid well it is dazzling but laid clumsily it is hideous and must to be re-laid.

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Here is some valuable information on best practices laying Parquet Flooring:

Parquet flooring is a decorative triangular, square or rectangular pattern consisting of flooring pieces arranged in a geometrical fashion. The herringbone pattern is one of the most popular and attractive forms of parquet. This is the main reason why parquet should be set starting in the center of the room and working outwards against the walls. Like all wooden flooring, an enlargement breach must be left about the wall edges.

Non-square rooms or those that have several edges leading into other areas around the house need even more dexterity and concentration. As you may expect, taking a pattern around edges and not squander the parquet line is a skillful art.

Parquet pieces are attached to the sub-base of the floor using extremely strong adhesives, applied using a jagged trowel. It is crucial that the sub-base floor is fully leveled. Therefore, before you start laying parquet, it is extremely crucial that you take the time to make even the sub-floor. If you forsake this principle and you decide to start with an odd sub-base surface, it will only lead to a disappointing end result. Particleboard is the best surface you can start with, but if your sub-floor is concrete, then making the concrete ready is crucial to make sure you start with a level, clean and dry surface.
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Don’t hesitate to contact us for any advice on laying hardwood floors, we’ll be glad to give you a hand.

Parquet flooring is only sold as unfinished solid wood pieces, and once set the blocks will all be laying at slightly different heights. This is why they must be sanded down to produce a smooth and level surface. Wax or lacquer finish of your choice is then used to produce a glossy and beautiful surface. A really delightful view to behold is an oak parquet floor that has been laid and flawlessly sanded off, then refined to perfection with wax oil.

When professionals lay parquet blocks in opposing directions, it also lays the groundwork for a work of art with antagonistic wood grain running against each other. Professionals know that the best way to sand parquet with wood grain running in a certain direction, the sanding must also follow the woodgrain, so you don’t get vexed woodgrain sanding marks. Even using this strategy, extreme caution must be taken to avoid getting unsatisfactory results. These are just some of the reasons why it is best if you employ professionals to install your parquet flooring.

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring is Notorious For Its Endless Charm and Fervor

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Your kitchen space is one of the most important areas in your home. A hardwood floor will bestow its magnificence.

Wood kitchen flooring affords a whole variety of features to choose from any flooring matter on the market at this time. When you take into account the various kinds of wood, grain sequence, color, stains, etc., you can create essentially an unlimited number of alternatives. Sometimes having too many choices can be a daunting experience as it would be hard to decide which one will look best once installed.

The next set of options at your disposal would be the type of wood flooring you choose, whether parquet, long or short rectangular narrow strips or wide planks pieces, or odd shapes flooring and last you would have the options of unfinished or pre-finished hardwood surface types. Some people prefer pre-finished parquet pieces, but then again you must know what you are doing so you can lay the pieces in immaculate position that all pieces end up in a smooth level surface. Otherwise you will need to finish sanding the wood flooring before you apply the final wax oil coat.

Out of the strips and planks, the wider of the two types are planks. According to most people, planks make them feel they have a more expansive look in their kitchen. When you hire professionals who have experience laying parquet flooring, their work will lead to some extremely amazing and impressive works of art on your kitchen floor. Hand-scrapped kitchen flooring pieces results in a rustic splash. These types of floor techniques work great when you are devising on hiding some minor damage your floor has due to marks, scraps, holes, cuts, and other mixed damages on your floor due to normal wear and tear through time as it better hides these imperfections than the other floor type choices.

Since wood flooring is a hidden fire hazard as is a flammable material, so it burns quickly once caught on fire. This is why it’s crucial you ensure that you either purchase or treat the wood with fire retardant substances. On the other hand, wood is also very prone to water damage. This is another reason you need to seal the wood appropriately to make sure your floors are not damaged in the event they are exposed to a significant amount of water or when something gets spilled over your floors.

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