Enhance your home’s beauty and improve the curb appeal of your kitchen.

We provide various kinds of services for your home and commercial property.

services are in great need due in part to aging homes and older population living longer who no longer want to keep up their homes in top shape. As you all know, homes do wear out with normal and extensive use resulting in the need for home improvements or simply repairs on different parts of the home.

Whether you are searching for these terms online, we at Pro Star Home Handyman Services are ready to provide you with the best service in County California:


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Although there would be a wide number of local handyman services to choose from when you live in a large city or county, the quality of workmanship and customer service these handymen carry out basically depends on the person who is performing the work in your home.

Featured Services

What can we do for you?

Some of the handyman services we at Pro Star Home specialize in include:
  • Floor Repairs and Replacements

    Repairing a shabby or broken floor can substantially enhance and transform your home’s appearance, often for far less than it would cost to change the complete floor. There are many factors at play that affect the cost of your floor project. Among these include:

    • Floor Material Cost
    • Labor Cost
    • Square Footage of The Damage
    • Unforeseen Floor Damages

    We can certainly explain to you at absolutely no cost to you what involves repairing your floor and give you an estimate what you should allocate for this type of project.

  • Tile Repair and Installation Makeover

    We have a dexterity for professional floor services involving tile repair and installation. You should contemplate using an expert handyman services when you need to repair tiles or install new ones in different locations around your home. As you start doing your research, you will find out there are different kinds of tiles starting from ceramic tiles, stone tiles, porcelain tiles and glass tiles. These tiles can be used for different parts of your house depending on how you plan to use your living space.

  • Home Energy Efficiency

    When you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency system, it’s best for you to employ the professional services of a reputable handyman who can guarantee your expectations and meet your needs. One of the factors that will contribute to your home being more energy efficient is with appropriate attic insulation.

  • Bathroom Repair Maintenance, Improvements and Makeovers

    Bathrooms are typically likely to damages because of the constant usage they are under all day long. An expert handyman service will make sure you keep enjoying your bathroom and shower with minimum downtime. Bathroom maintenance repairs span from shower wall and floor tile, replace shower heads, faucets, toilet valves, drywall repairs and much more.

  • Deck Repair, Maintenance, Building and Finishing

    You deserve enjoying your summer evenings in a relaxing environment in your deck as you sip your favorite tea or coffee eating a delicacy dish with some friends and family. Handyman Pro Star Home services can assure you to have the best summer ever with our expertise building a deck of your dreams. We offer deck services like power washing, sanding, sealing, staining, painting, or simply fixing your deck to create the perfect inviting atmosphere for you and your family.

  • Drywall Repair and Replacement Services

    Handyman Pro Star Home drywall services include crack repairs, sealing holes in your walls, sanding and painting your walls or simply repairing your overall house structure due to the normal wear and tear, damage due to humidity in wet rooms like laundry room, bathrooms and basements.

  • Window Repair and Replacement Installation

    Overall wear and tear will eventually lower your windows’ efficiency. Handyman Pro Star Home makes residential window repairs and replacement installation a breeze for your house and increase its value.

  • Outdoor Home Repairs and Installations

    Pro Star Home handyman services will help with various outdoor home improvement projects, among them we include:

    • Stucco Repair and Replacement
    • Siding Repair and Replacement
    • Soffit and Fascia Repair and Replacement
    • Gutter Cleaning, Repair and Installation Replacement
    • Rotting Wood Replacement
    • Fence Repairs and Installation Replacement

    Most of our handyman services are aimed at making your home or office a better use of your living space, thereby saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the long run. We at Pro Star Home Services guarantee you will be satisfied with our professional craftmanship and save you headaches or unnecessary frustrations and additional costs.

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Reasons why should you decide to hire Pro Star Home Services as your reliable handyman

I am detailed and conscientious, genuine, dependable, experienced and have approximately 27 years of expertise in home services! There are only a handful home restorations, and construction details I don’t have much experience in. On the other hand, I choose my best projects where I have extensive experience in.  After many years of hands on I've decided to focus on the services where I can contribute the best value to my clients.

As you would see in all my customer reviews, I am not a common handyman for I put all my effort to:

  • Give you an excellent service
  • Solve all your problem efficiently
  • Have a knack for creating artsy projects
  • Make sure you get the best value for our workmanship
  • Be upfront with projects we specialize in

In spite of all the work I have done for homeowners throughout all my years of service, I can only count in one hand the number of customers who weren’t happy with my services mostly due to misunderstanding the project scope to begin with.

Go ahead and check my ongoing A+ ratings in Google reviews as well as other reviews I have received from previous customers.

My team at Pro Star Home are gladly busy serving homeowners in the South Orange County and North Orange County areas for more than 25 years!

We assure you will be satisfied with our professional services.

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